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Grundabsicherung von Postfix
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access control on remote SMTP # client information: host names, network addresses, and # ... the transport(5) manual page. More information # about external content filters... ional text, together with # client information and if available, with helo, # sender, recipient and protocol information. # # This feature is available in
DMARC - Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance
17 Treffer, Zuletzt geändert: for more information on DMARC record creation and validation. </code> ... a protocol and API for communicating mail traffic information between MTAs and mail filtering plug-in applicati... of this source distribution. There is additional information in the INSTALL and FEATURES files, and in the REA... ndmarc/docs in this source distribution. General information about DMARC can be found at
Horde eMail/WebMail Plattform: IMP
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) * * debug: (string) If set, will output debug information from the IMAP * library. The value can be any ... t, will * determine quota information using the user's home * d... ters: * - 'msg_count': (boolean) Display information on the message limit * ra... imit? The storage limit * information is displayed by default. * - 'path': (st
Installation eines sicheren Mailservers mit Postfix unter CentOS 6.x
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) delivery # agent. See the pipe(8) man page for information about ${recipient} # and other message envelope o... g mistakes. # #soft_bounce = no # LOCAL PATHNAME INFORMATION # # The queue_directory specifies the location of... ictions description in # postconf(5) for detailed information. # # By default, Postfix relays mail # - from "tr... G # # The ADDRESS_REWRITING_README document gives information about # address masquerading or other forms of ad
Installation des Mailinglistenservers Mailman
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is contrib/migrate-fhs, run with -h for help information. The mapping of old locations to new locatio... e prompts, and see the README file for more information. - Start the Mailman qrunner daemon A... elevant lines from your syslog. Also include information on your operating system, which version of Py... Refer to section 5 above for more information. Problem: I send mail to the list, and get
Mailserver - Logfileauswertungen unter CentOS 6.x
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For summaries that contain date or time information, use ISO 8601 standard ... (last) qmgr log entry that the information is not in the log(s) p... nserem MX widerfahren ist, und rufen später diese Information via Firefox/Konqueror ab. :) ==== Installation =... d and must be deleted. Because this file contains information of all # past processed log files, you will loose
Horde Adressbuch: Turba
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/ for more * information. * - dn: (array) Defines the list of L... ection, you must provide configuration // information here - for example, //'sql' => array( ... your LDAP configuration. * * To store freebusy information in the LDAP directory, you'll need to include * ... your LDAP configuration. * * To store freebusy information in the LDAP directory, you'll need to include *
Grundinstallation - und Konfiguration
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l from its server channel-info Retrieve Information on a Channel channel-login Connects and ... Show One Setting config-help Show Information About Setting config-set Change Setti... he default channel info Display information about a package install Install Pa... Build PECL Package remote-info Information About Remote Packages remote-list List
Postfixadmin zur Verwaltung des Dovecot-IMAP-Server unter CentOS 6.x
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use those HOWTOs only if you need some additional information that is missing in the PostfixAdmin DOCUMENTS/ f... in which settings you need to do/change. 7. More information ------------------- As of March 2007, PostfixAdmi... ink'] = ""; // Footer // Below information will be on all pages. // If you don't want the footer information to appear set this to 'NO'. $CONF['show_footer_te
DKIM - Domain Key Identified Mail
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Jb01 -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- </code> === DKIM Information: === <code>DKIM Signature Message contains this ... nwRr0B4QfO BiywAPRwJeqcAn2WemOdRrQA= Signature Information: v= Version: 1 a= Algorithm: rsa-sh... ignature result = pass Details: </code> === SPF Information: === <code>Using this information that I obtained from the headers Helo Address = From Addres
Filter-Regeln (sieve) - ingo
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arams: (array) An array containing any additional information that the * transport class needs. See ex... arams: (array) An array containing any additional information that * the script driver needs. Se... IFIC NEEDS AND SYSTEM ENVIRONMENT. * * For more information please see the horde/config/hooks.php.dist file.
Installation und Konfiguration von ClamAV
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. # Default: no #LogVerbose yes # Log additional information about the infected file, such as its # size and h... rl). DazukoFS # is the preferred option. For more information please visit # Default: no #Clamuk
SSL/TLS - Postfixverbindungen verschlüsselte Kommunikation
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st-koana ----- You are about to be asked to enter information that will be incorporated into your certificate r... m -nodes <code>You are about to be asked to enter information that will be incorporated into your certificate r
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+ | Database | +--------------------+ | information_schema | | horde | +----------------... .conf># rsyslog v5 configuration file # For more information see /usr/share/doc/rsyslog-*/rsyslog_conf.html #
Horde Passwortänderungen: Passwd
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ll cause errors. * * params: (array) Additional information that a driver needs. See examples * below... ), 'params' => array( // FTP server information. 'host' => 'localhost', 'port' =>
Webmail mit Roundcube
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SRS - Sender Rewriting Scheme
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Administration des Cyrus IMAP-Servers (WEB-GUI)
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Installation und Konfiguration von Spamassassin
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Basiskonfiguration von horde
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